As from 1990, Piotr Lisowski’s atelier goes over creation of glass objects. Initially there were classic stained glasses inspired by middle-age cathedral arts. Fascination of new technology of glass heat treatment called fusing came next. It brings a lot of technical possibilities, compliments architectural structure, decorates wide areas as well as creates closed- circle atmosphere. It allows modern way of handling light, texture and precious materials.

In 2017 we introduced new ceramic line into our offering.

Architects, interior creators and ambitious investors gain of our  experience, We have created over 60 unique gifts ordered by Presidents of Poland and given to heads of states around the globe We are extremely proud of compositions given to popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Our aim is to show to broad public unique , handmade and exclusive art works which could suite both modern and classical interiors.

Use our talents.